Fenwyck Labradors is a small hunting companion kennel located in New England. 

In 1987, I started with my first Labrador, Maggie and was immediately hooked!  Like almost everyone else in the breed, my first dog was most definitely not a show dog but had the Labrador temperament in spades.  Once I made the decision to get into the Labrador breed I was fortunate to have some wonderful people take me under their wings and share their knowledge and love of the breed.  Among all of those to whom I will forever be grateful to a few are, Annie Cogo / Windfall Labradors, Sally Bell / Borador Labradors, Claire Senfield / Allegheny Labradors, Laura Reich / Lor-al Labradors, Nancy Chargo / Banner Labradors, Mary Wiest / Beechcroft Labradors, and Pauline Mortier / Lubberline Labradors.  They shared not only their knowledge but some lovely dogs with me; without their guidance and patience, there would be no Fenwyck.

Fenwyck strives to produce the triple purpose Labrador: a dog who is the consummate gun dog in the field, can be a joy in the obedience ring, and has the correct conformation to do their job, but above all else is a companion hunter.  We strive to breed a sound dog who meets the AKC standard for the Labrador Retriever and whose temperament is not only biddable but who has a high drive to please. We train with Earl Thomas of Nachusa Labradors, and with Anna Clark of Graycroft Kennels, and love the all-round hunt training we get there.

Because we are a small niche hobby kennel, we only have 1-2 litters a year.  The only reason we breed is to keep a puppy or two to carry on our lines and to compete in the field with. We are pleased to have generations of Junior Hunters who enjoy their ducks almost as much as their fireside mats! It gives me great pleasure to share my love of the wonderful Labrador.

Fenwyck produces all three AKC recognized colors


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